Ceremony/Reception Flowers


Ceremony décor for your trip down the aisle will be the first reflection of your dream come true, that your guests and family will see. Bring to life your surroundings that compliment your wedding vows for this special occasion. The ceremony delivers plenty of options for floral décor. Decorate the guest seating with garlands or kissing balls at the entryway of the seating rows. The aisle decor helps to enhance post photos of the magnificent day. The wedding party will look astonishing among the vibrant colors of the flowers and the scenery behind them and before them, such as the arbor or archway decorations. Columns or pillars for the ceremony look breathtaking with flowers designed in abundance. Wedding photos capture the perfect setting among these flowers as you make you way to say “I do”. Most all décor chosen for the ceremony could have a specific function in the reception venue as well.


The centerpieces are the focal point of the reception. As table decorations they add to the ambiance of the festivities and often can be given to guests as favors. Wedding centerpieces come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Floral centerpieces may be designed in a variety of vases, containers and styles according to the desires of the bride. Often, there is a desire to have 2 or 3 different styles of centerpieces to give the reception venue a more diverse look. Reading Floral Boutique has a substantial inventory of rental items, from the most simple glassware and votives to the most unusual tall vases.


There is only one star of the wedding and that would be the beautiful bride (and groom!). The sweet treat at most wedding receptions that may steal some of the show is the wedding cake. Even the most simple wedding cake or dessert table deserves its shine! For a wedding over $350, Reading Floral Boutique provides at no charge, the reception bouquet (throw bouquet) which is a small replication of the brides bouquet. This bouquet is often placed on the dessert table. Fresh flowers are often placed on the cake or dessert table to bring all tables of the reception together.