The bridal bouquet is one of the focal points of the entire wedding. All eyes will digest the floral choices and colors selected. The style of your bouquet also plays a role. The style of your dress plays a primary role in the selection process of your wedding bouquet. Some dresses and bouquets serve best for rustic weddings while others work best as a garden style wedding. As for your bridal bouquet you have these options for style:

The Roundy-Moundy Bouquet: This bridal bouquet is a clean crafted beauty that is tight and structured. This is a perfect choice for formal ceremonies and brides with clean, modern dresses. Roses, Lisianthus, and hydrangeas often work best for this style of arrangement.

The Freeflow Bouquet: The most often selected choice of bridal bouquets. Flowers stem from the center similar to the roundy-moundy style, but the flowers are flowing in a non-controlled fashion. The flower choices are endless with this choice and many use loose greenery such as seeded eucalyptus as their foliage choice. This is a great style if you want your bridesmaids to have a smaller scale version that matches your bridal bouquet. Exotic and loose dresses flow well with this bouquet style.

The Cascade Bouquet: Also known as the “waterfall” bouquet, flowers cascade down from the center in a loose manner. Length serves as the main attraction here. Generally Cymbidium or Dendrobium Orchids are a possibility. Brides generally wear long-flowing dresses, such as ball gowns to compliment. Outdoor settings give the bouquet an organic look that blends in with its surroundings.

The Presentation Bouquet: This bouquet’s name suggests it is to be cradled in the arm rather than the hands the way flowers are often presented to someone. They are carried similar to carrying a football. Long stem florals tend to populate the bouquet such as calla lily’s, iris and sunflowers.